Splitsville Sampler Presets

About Splitsville Sampler Presets

I love the effect that split-toning can have on a photo and to help share my love of this processing technique, I've created a FREE sampler pack containing three custom built presets for you to enjoy.

If you enjoy the effects that these presets add to your photos, you should definitely check out the Splitsville Preset Pack containing 15 custom built looks for Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW.

While presenting the natural colors of a photo is a great idea, there is a realm of creativity that presents itself when you choose to let whimsy take over. With the Splitsville Sampler preset pack, specific color combinations have been carefully selected and are applied to the highlights and shadows of your photos, giving them a truly unique look. These presets were built to work on a wide variety of photos and can be further customized by you to apply your own personalized style.

Included in this preset pack are:

  • 3 Lightroom Presets (for Lightroom 4, 5 and 6/CC)
  • 3 Adobe Camera Raw Presets
  • Installation and usage documentation
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